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Crystal hy-map
David Bihanic
University of Paris | "Pantheon-Sorbonne" (France)
Project Description:
"Crystal hy-map" is a complete representation system that uses a hypermedia structure designed to support a large network of links. It relies on a connectionist system capable of handling numerous data units where information is organized in directories and indexed by geo-semantic analysis. For this, the information is based on a hypermedia browsing repository structured from a "grid" (C.S. : X, Y, Z) for semantic positioning of information revealing new integration procedures mainly between various documentation models and ergonomic knowledge. The main objective lies on the possibility of optimising parameters which constitute the workload for the human operator (e.g. number of objects handled, temporal constraints, parallelism of tasks, length of procedures, etc.) and setting-up a method to diagnose the cognitive workload for the interfaces.

Its aim is to highlight the obsolescense of traditional browsing and graphical search tools by insisting on the need to offer new strategies for the processing of information in virtual contexts that are suitable for complex situations. This leads to the implementation of new paradigms for prospective representation of space that make the elaboration of procedures for distribution and project evaluation useful.

Comments (1):
dead link.

Posted by nascif on Jan 1, 2009 at 11:30 PM (GMT)

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