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Political Blogsphere - U.S.
Jodi Dean, Zachary Devereaux and Andrei Mogoutov
Institution: Foundation, Amsterdam
Project Description:
The Foundation, an Amsterdam-based organization dedicated to creating and hosting political tools on the Web, and its collaborators have developed a software tool that locates and visualizes networks on the Web. The Issue Crawler, at, is used by NGOs and other researchers to answer questions about specific networks and effective networking more generally. One may also do in-depth research with the software.

This image represents the entangled network of the most popular political blogs on the net. The graph build with Issue Crawler was produced by John Hawkin for (the workshop site by the Foundation), using a list available at that can be seen here.

Source: News about Networks, workshop by the Foundation, de Balie Center for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam, 21-24 June 2004, with support from the Ford Foundation, New York, (

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