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Starlight - Network Security
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - USA
Project Description:
Starlight is a generic information visualization tool, developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA), that is applicable to a wide range of problems.

Computer network security has become an increasingly pressing issue for many organizations. Starlight can enable network analysts to quickly achieve and maintain an in-depth understanding of network vulnerabilities and security status.

The first image shows a Starlight Network View of computer NIDS data associated with an actual network intrusion incident. In this incident, several unauthorized users gained access to computers on official U.S. Government computer networks. In this example of "edge-oriented" network data visualization, individual NIDS log entries describing suspicious connections among computers are represented as edges in the display, with the nodes representing the individual computers (IP addresses) referenced in the data. This depiction portrays approximately 10,000 connections involving several hundred discrete IP addresses. The edges in this display have been color-encoded according to the "warning level" of the connection, with bright yellow indicating the most critical events. The second image is a closeup view of the suspicious connection (yellow line, left) shown in the preceeding image.

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