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Cavern Food Web
Project Description:
Due to the isolated nature of a cavern system, food sources are limited. Animals who live in the entrance zone are not permanent inhabitants and leave the cavern to acquire food. Those living in the twilight zone may leave the cavern as well, or they may rely on food sources within the cavern. The animals living in the dark zone must rely completely on food sources already in the cavern, or on those brought in.

Since the food supply is limited and does not have much variety, the animals that can sustain life in a cavern are also limited. The balance of nature in the cavern food chain is very fragile, as are the animals that live there. If one element in the web is affected, it causes a chain reaction that eventually affects every living thing in the cavern.

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I finally found your website, and it is awsome.

Posted by jacob on Sep 23, 2007 at 9:31 PM (GMT)

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