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Rebecca Xiong
MIT Media Lab
Project Description:
"Currently, Web users have little knowledge about the activities of fellow users. They cannot see the flow of on-line crowds or identify centers of on-line activity". WebFan seeks to enrich Web users' experience by visualizing the activities of other users. The visualizations can answer user questions about overall patterns and specifics such as:

- What are other people looking at?
- What is hot?
- Who is interested in what I am interested in?

WebFan visualizes user activities at WebBoards, or Web-based message boards, which contain messages posted by users. It uses the reply structure of the messages to lay them out using a fan-like hierarchical structure. This abstract structure allows a large set of Web pages with multiple levels to be represented at the same time for overview and comparison. Users can also interactively explore the fan structure to find out more about individual pages. Dynamic user activity is overlaid on top of this display.

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