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Visualizing Network Data
Richard A. Becker, Stephen G. Eick, Allan R. Wilks
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Project Description:
These images represent the overload into and out of the Oakland node. The half-lines between the nodes code the overload by direction.

The idea embodied in a nodemap is to display node-oriented data by showing a glyph or symbol such as a circle or square at each node on the map, with the visual characteristics such as size, shape, and color of the glyph coding the value of the statistic. More complex symbols can be used to represent more than one statistic simultaneously.

"Networks are critical to modern society, and a thorough understanding of how they behave is crucial to their efficient operation. Our focus is on visualizing the data associated with a network and not on simply visualizing the structure of the network itself. We begin with three static network displays; two of these use geographical relationships (bottom image), while the third (top image) is a matrix arrangement that gives equal emphasis to all network links."

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